Moving to or from this town of 18,000 just east of Sacramento is simple when you rely on professional Cameron Park movers. Olsen & Fielding is the certified moving company that can offer you the residential and commercial services you need for a smooth transition. As an agent of Mayflower, one of the leading carriers in the industry, Olsen & Fielding can assist with any moving need, no matter how complex or long distance. Our custom local, long distance, and international moving and storage services are unbeatable! For over 60 years, our Cameron Park moving company has upheld the highest standards of quality service and customer satisfaction. We ease the transitions of families and businesses of all sizes.

To make sure every detail of your move is tailored to your needs, Olsen & Fielding will assign you a qualified household or business Move Coordinator. Your Coordinator will work with you to select services, making sure to take your schedule and budget into account. He or she will also oversee our Cameron Park movers on the day of your relocation to make sure everything goes smoothly. From basic one-story household moves to regional corporate relocation, we can handle it all.

Our capabilities are:

  • Residential Movers
    Our team can offer you full-service packing and crating, or simply transport your belongings safely to your new home.
  • Commercial Movers
    Olsen & Fielding will get you business-ready quickly with our cost-effective commercial moving and storage services.
  • International Movers
    With access to resources all over the world through Mayflower, moving to your country of choice is simple.
  • Specialized Moving
    Whether you need to move an X-Ray machine or an oil painting, rely on our experts to transfer your high-value items safely.
  • Storage
    Our facilities are alarmed and monitored 24/7 for the safety of your home or business items.

You deserve the most seamless, stress-free moving experience possible, so get in touch with our Cameron Park moving company today. Our experts will inform you about the moving and storage services we offer, and answer all of your questions. Call now or fill out our online quote form for a free estimate.