Moving to or from Granite Bay, suburb of nearby Sacramento is effortless when you rely on the right Granite Bay moving company. Olsen & Fielding is the full-service mover that can provide you with the residential or commercial moving and storage services you need. As an agent of Mayflower Transit, a van line with over 500 agents around the country and the world, Olsen & Fielding is capable of completing moves of any scale and distance, including international moves. Our Granite Bay movers have provided the Sacramento area with quality, cost-effective service for over 60 years.

When you move with Olsen & Fielding, you will be assigned an experienced Move Coordinator who will help you select the household or business services you need. Your Coordinator will also oversee the entire moving process, ensuring that everything goes precisely as planned. Whether your moving needs are limited to us driving, or you would prefer our Granite Bay movers to pack and crate your items to your specifications, we will happily tailor your move to your wishes.

Our moving and storage capabilities include:

  • Residential Movers
    We can offer you a basic or full-service residential move that is friendly, fast, and cost-effective.
  • Commercial Movers
    Our team will minimize your downtime and stay within your budget when you use our custom business moving services.
  • International Movers
    International moving is simple with our network of over 500 fellow moving and storage professionals around the world.
  • Specialized Moving
    Olsen & Fielding can move a wide variety of high-value items, including trade show equipment and MRI machines.
  • Storage
    We provide secure short-term, long-term, and custom length storage for household and business goods of all kinds.

At Olsen & Fielding, we firmly believe that moves of any size should be simple and stress-free. Contact us today to speak with one of our professionals about the details of your project – we’re eager to hear how we can help. Call us now, or fill out our online quote form to receive a free estimate.