Recently we at Olsen & Fielding reached out into our community and joined forces with a new charitable venture by the name of Playmakers. Lead by a charismatic man who goes by the name “Coach Roz” the goals of Playmakers as an organization are:

1.  To assist students in increasing & maintaining readings levels & improve physical fitness.

2.  To hire interns from Sacramento State University and other higher education facilities.  These individuals are part of teaching and athletics programs within their institutions and are a vital component to the success of the Playmakers.

 [Sac State football players Anthony Vivieros and Josh Armstrong speaking to the students]

3.  To foster self-esteem and introduce the students to volunteerism within the community at a young age.

4.  To build character for students with academic and personal challenges.

Prior to Olsen & Fielding’s involvement with Playmakers, Playmakers was limited to running the classes with the limited technology of the host school. This meant if a certain school or area did not have the necessary technology they could not receive the program, despite the need. With our donations of time and resources Playmakers now has the technology to take the program wherever it is needed most. I’ll let you hear it from Coach Roz himself:

“The day that Curt Olsen came to our campus and saw kids sitting on the floor learning to read was all it took.  Playmakers had just researched a cloud based reading program that required software and chrome books but did not have the financial resources to launch the beta test.  Our goal was to improve kids reading grade levels (in a volunteer program) during the summer. Lofty goal!!

Curt committed the funding to kick off the summer reading program that yielded the data that proved kids can and will learn to read over the summer.  With that data, Playmakers has secured a grant from the City of Rancho Cordova funding 3 more schools for 12 months.  This means 100+ at risk kids reading and involved in sports and exercise.

This reading lab (along with Curt) was showcased to Jim McGrann (Global CEO of Vision Service Plan) and Jim saw the vision and results of Playmakers and corporate involvement.  Curt Olsen (and the team at Olsen & Fielding jump started Playmaker after school program.  We are proud to partner with Curt and Olsen & Fielding as they are assisting us in creating ‘uncommon youth.’”

    [Coach Roz and VSP Global CEO Jim McGrann with some students]