How to Find A Local Moving Company

Moving. It’s one of those things with which most people have a love/hate relationship. Often, if you’re moving, it means a new job or a new home-something at the other end that makes the move worth it.

But then there is the move itself. While you could try and go it alone, smart people know that hiring a reputable moving company can take some of the stress out of moving and make it more of an adventure than something to be loathed.

The trick, however, is choosing a great moving company. As you ponder “What is the best moving company near me?” remember that not everyone with a big truck and a couple of guys on staff should be trusted with everything you own. Here are 6 tips to help you choose a local moving company.

1.  See What Past Customers Had to Say: You know that girl who is dating a guy even though 20 of his ex-girlfriends warned her not to? Don’t be that girl. The best way to learn how you’ll be treated by a Sacramento moving company is to see how they treated past customers. Get recommendations, read reviews and then heed what you read!

2.  Check for a BBB Rating: The BBB is pretty strict about who gets and keeps their rating. Ideally, look for a local moving company with an A+ rating, which means the business earned a score of at least 97 out of a 100.

3.  Do Your Part: Any successful relationship is going to take work from both parties, and that includes the relationship with your mover. A top moving tip is to be organized when the moving company comes to provide the estimate. They need to know exactly what you are going to move, what needs to go to storage, what items are not going to be part of the move, etc…Without this information they cannot provide you with an accurate estimate.

4.  Believe the Horror Stories: Those stories about a guy being handed an unexpected moving bill for $20,000 more than his estimate? That stuff really happens. If some company you found on a social media yard sale page is offering to do your cross-country move for pennies on the dollar of the other estimates you’ve received then it’s probably time to run fast and far. Unless, of course, you want to be featured on one of those 20/20 stories about moving horror stories.

5.  Check for State Licensing and Accreditation: The state licenses are there, in part, to give consumers a way to know that they are dealing with a reputable local moving company. If the business has any excuse about why they don’t have a license-no matter how credible that excuse may sound-it’s time to move on.

6.  Know Your Rights: Did you know that for moves within the state of California that movers are required to provide a “not to exceed price?” That is one of many rights you have as a consumer, and it is your responsibility to know your rights and to learn about the responsibilities of Sacramento moving companies. Like the proverb says, “A well-informed consumer from their money shall not be parted.” (Ok, that’s not really a proverb, but maybe it should be!)

Choosing a Sacramento Moving Company

Now that you’ve done your due diligence, it’s time to choose a local moving company. By following the steps above, you’ll be able to be confident in your choice. Whether you’re moving down the street or around the country, an experienced, reputable mover can make the experience as pleasant as possible.

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