Moving over an extended period of time can be difficult, but coordinating the logistics of a move for someone other than yourself is even harder.  That’s what Shauna W. was dealing with when she called Sacramento moving company, Olsen & Fielding, to help her father, Bill, move towns last month.

Shauna, who was helping her father with his move, was balancing packing and communication with movers all while working her own job and traveling between two towns.

Getting the Details Down

Bill is an older gentleman who doesn’t own or use a computer. Shauna was concerned about switching Bill’s moving delivery date and felt that she should be with him at his new home when his belongings arrived. She reached out to us to request specific dates and times for pick-up and delivery so that she could be with her father when his items were taken to our dependable, secure storage, and again when his items were dropped off at his new home.

Accurate, Pleasant Service

After our professional moving crews successfully moved Bill’s items out of his old home, we received warm words from Shauna thanking our movers for their kind, courteous manner. Shauna also made note of a date change request she had for delivery of her father’s items, as her schedule had changed and she needed to adjust so she could still be there with him when his possessions arrived.

As the trusted moving company in Sacramento, we were happy to oblige, because our goal at Olsen & Fielding Mayflower is to make your move as easy as possible. Shauna, who is a service professional herself and understands good customer service, was pleased with the outcome of her father’s move, and you can read in her own words why Shauna’s chosen Mayflower as her preferred movers for 20 years.

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