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It's easy to trick yourself into thinking that a local move will go smoothly. All you have to do is get the help of some friends and make a few extra trips in your car, right? Well, things aren't always that easy. There are a few challenges that are unique to local relocations, some of which may require the help of an established California moving company to manage. Olsen & Fielding has put together four examples of problems that you may encounter when planning to move a short distance. Keep these potential problems in mind when planning your relocation.

You May Try to Save Everything

While it's not the only reason for moving, one of the benefits of changing households is the opportunity to sort through your belongings and let go of some. When you relocate a distance away, you can decide to let go of old furniture, clothing, and knick-knacks with the intention of replacing items at the new home. However, when you move down the street or the next town over, you might be tempted to hang onto all of your stuff. This can make your move more expensive. Local movers like us, still charge by weight for transporting your items. The heavier your load, the more you'll pay for transport.

You Might Not Be Prepared

Another challenge of a local move is a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to planning and packing. Many customers think it won't take that long to pack up the house or that they can wait until late Friday afternoon to call the utility company. Time passes by more quickly than you realize and you can end up rushing around to get tasks completed in the final days before a move.

Waiting too long can also apply to calling a residential moving company for assistance. Most companies are booked out for a few weeks at any given moment. They can be even busier in the Summertime. So, try to reach out to a California moving company at least a month before you plan on moving out of your home.

You Can End Up With Two Homes at Once

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you may want to move out of the old place before your obligation is up. So, apartment tenants can end up maintaining rental payments on two places for a few months. Homeowners will also be responsible for the utilities and upkeep on two places until you sell the old house. Think carefully about whether you can afford the costs of leaving early, before you move out.

You May Try To Skip the Local Movers

All too often, Olsen & Fielding has gotten calls from harried homeowners who realize too late that they can't do it all themselves. While a local move may seem easy, especially if you plan on making multiple trips, it's not. There is a lot of sorting, packing, lifting, and driving involved. The work is twice as hard during hot weather too. We offer you the convenience of trained Sacramento household movers with all of the right equipment. Olsen & Fielding can also help with insurance valuation protection to cover the cost of replacing your items if they are damaged in transit.

If you are planning on moving locally, get help from the professionals at Olsen & Fielding. We offer a full range of residential moving services, so you can pick the plan that best fits your budget. Give us a phone call or fill out our online contact form to request a FREE, in-home consultation and price estimate right now!

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