Let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Jeff Rizzo. I own RIZKNOWS LLC, which is a digital media company that operates rizknows.com and myslumberyard.com.

Three Dozen Mattresses and the Whole Business, Too

As so many other entrepreneurs have done, we decided to move our business and all of our employees from California to Nevada. Naturally, we were intimidated by the moving process, not only because of the amount of paperwork involved, but also because of the daunting task of having to physically move all of our assets. We’re a small business, but still had a lot of to move, including computers, TVs, furniture, records, and 35 mattresses (more on this below).

Initially, we decided that we’d use a pod service to move all of our equipment. We liked that the pod allowed us to move at our own pace and that it didn’t take up much space in our parking lot.  To be honest, the price of the service was actually fairly reasonable, but it did require that we do all of the heavy lifting.

Mattress Movers

Shortly after we reserved the pod, I ran into Curt Olsen at the gym. He mentioned that they could probably move us for the same price as the pod service and that they’d do all of the heavy lifting, not to mention have everything delivered at the exact day that was most convenient for us. As a business owner, clearly, I was interested. Same price, but a higher level of service—count me in.

The only wrinkle was that in addition to normal items that you’d find at any small business, we had nearly three-dozen mattresses to move. Because we review products for a living, we had boxes and boxes filled with smaller items such as electronics, sporting goods, apparel, footwear, etc., but we also had more than a few large, heavy items. Again, if we went with the pod service, it would be all on us to move those heavy items.  

Curt and his team basically said “No problem. We move mattresses all the time. They won’t be an issue.” As you can imagine, that was music to my ears.

Moving Day

When moving day came around, my team and I didn’t do much of anything. Of course, we had most of the items boxed up, but that’s the easy part. Olsen & Fielding showed up on time with several movers and proceeded to tag every single item in our office so that they could properly account for them at the end.  Then, they started loading all of our stuff up. They moved quickly and had everything all packed and ready to go within five hours—we were impressed (and grateful since we basically didn’t have to lift a finger).


Again, they showed up on time with multiple movers. They worked efficiently and had all of our equipment unloaded and organized within three hours. A few items got a little dirty, but absolutely nothing was broken. Even our TVs were packaged into custom boxes to protect them during the move.

Final Thoughts

I was impressed with how detailed oriented, respectful, and efficient they were. I also appreciated very much that their prices were reasonable, especially given the level of service they provided. Would I use Olsen & Fielding again? Definitely, but hopefully I won’t have to because moving an entire business across state lines isn’t exactly my definition of fun, even if Olsen & Fielding were great.

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