No matter how many times you’ve experienced relocating to a new home, moving can still be challenging, and there’s always something that you wish you had done differently. Aside from being an overwhelming task, it can also be stressful and expensive.

However, you can minimize the stress and level of difficulty by planning ahead and creating an effective relocation strategy that would make the whole moving process a smooth and pleasant one. Additionally, you can hire professional household movers who can assist you in every step of the process—from the planning stages of your project, right down to the unpacking of the last box in your new home.

Olsen & Fielding Moving Services is one of the highest rated and most trusted Sacramento movers in Northern California and has been serving homeowners and corporate clients for more than six decades. We know how important it is to plan your move as early as possible, which is why we’ve provided this guide to inspire you to get started with your relocation project now versus later.

Advantages of Planning Your Move Ahead and Factors to Consider

Before you start any of your move-related tasks, the very first thing that you should do is to create a plan or strategy that will ensure that everything will be accomplished before the big move date. Doing this will get you through the move without too much stress and frustration, and will allow you to avoid potential risks and schedule all move-related tasks early and without delay. Additionally, planning ahead will guarantee that you won’t forget anything important because you have a plan that will ensure everything is on track as scheduled.

If you are wondering how early you should start planning, below are the factors to consider:

  • Going the Distance: Obviously, if you will move further away, the more meticulous the planning phase will be. With this, you must start creating your moving strategy and plan how to deal with the paperwork or documents, logistics, and any other move-related tasks. For long-distance moves, you would need to start planning at least a couple of months before the actual move date.
  • Move Size: if you have a huge household, it will take longer to prepare everything for the move. On the other hand, if you have fewer items, they would be easier to organize and pack. Aside from the number of household items and pieces of furniture, you must also consider the complexity of the task—this means that if you are moving sensitive or specialty items, you must allocate a longer time to plan and prepare.
  • Schedule of the Move: The peak moving season is from May to September. If you are planning to move during those months, it is recommended to start planning about 3 to 4 months in advance because of the high demand for relocation services.

Getting Started: How to Plan Your Move Early

Below are the most useful tips when planning your move early:

  • Organizing the schedule and timeline: Once you’ve established a move date, make a moving calendar that specifies the tasks that you need to accomplish and the arrangements that you need to make. Indicate in this calendar the duration for the completion of these tasks in order for you to manage your time more wisely and keep track of your progress later on.
  • Determine Your Moving Budget: While many homeowners hate thinking about budgeting, especially if you have limited resources, it is extremely important to set a moving budget by taking all sorts of expenses into consideration and making sure that you stick with it.
  • Decluttering Your Home: Decluttering your house takes some time, and it’s best to get started on this part of your moving project right away. Decluttering will help make the rest of your packing process faster and easier, so get started by getting rid of items you no longer need to charity, family and friends, or others. The fewer household items you decide to bring to your new home, the cheaper the cost of the move and the faster the packing and transportation would be.
  • Hold a Garage Sale or Sell Online: For items, you can sell, get started by holding a garage sale months before your moving date, or by listing items for sale online.
  • Hire Professional Moving Services: Hiring professional movers? If so, be sure to book with your preferred option far in advance. The best movers book their schedules early, especially during the moving season. If you happen to wait too long, you could run the risk of being left without services on your moving day. Also, it’s important to become aware of the risks of scam artists advertising low moving rates. Before hiring a moving company, make sure that you have researched well and obtained quotes from multiple service providers, read reviews from previous clients, and interviewed them to find the most legitimate and professional services available in your city.

The Most Trusted Sacramento Movers

If you are looking for a reliable relocation services provider, check out Olsen & Fielding Moving Services. Since 1952, we have been providing expert moving solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Sacramento and other nearby areas. Our expert team of highly qualified and experienced moving consultants, movers, and drivers is proud of our top-rated relocation services and our solid track record of satisfied clients.

Whether you’re months away from your moving date or planning a last-minute relocation, we’d love to help you learn more about our top-rated, affordable moving solutions. Alternatively, you may fill out this quick online form for a no-obligation in-home estimate with one of our moving coordinators.

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